What Subcription offerings are in Lighbox Learning?

Lightbox Learning offers 13 different subscriptions with carefully curated sets of interactive eBooks. Classroom titles are available in the K–2 Nonfiction, 3–5 Nonfiction, 6–8 Nonfiction, 9–12 Nonfiction, K–5 Spanish, K–3 Guided Reading, K–5 Accelerated Reader, and K–2 World Languages subscriptions. Library titles are available in the K–2 AV2 Nonfiction, K–5 AV2 Nonfiction, 3–8 AV2 Nonfiction, K–5 AV2 Fiction, and K–2 EyeDiscover subscriptions. Any combination of these subscriptions can be purchased.

How often are new titles added?

New titles are added frequently throughout your subscription term at no additional cost.

What are the benefits of being a subscriber?

As a Lightbox Learning subscriber, you receive a vast collection of titles at one low price. You also automatically gain access to the new titles that are added to your subscription throughout the year. All of these titles are provided at no additional cost. Lightbox Learning’s multi-user subscriptions can be accessed anywhere on any device.

How recent are the copyright dates?

Our subscriptions have new titles released in them every year to ensure that you always have the most recent content and copyright material available. Please contact us if you would like a detailed list and the metadata of the titles that are in your subscription.

How does the Subscription work?

You will receive a unique link (URL) from Lightbox Learning that provides anyone from your library with full, unlimited access to your subscription. The subscription can be accessed at home or anywhere on a device with internet access.

Are there any special software requirements?

Lightbox Learning will run on any modern web browser or operating system.

Who will provide IT support for changes / new passwords?

Lightbox Learning Inc. will provide support for changed/new passwords.

How do I get answers to support quesitons?

Email support@lightboxathome.com, go to our website at www.lightboxathome.com,.com, or call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX.